February in the High Country

This is Shed Season!

February is the time when deer shed their antlers. Rut, mating season, is over. The deer no longer need the spikes.

This is Shed Season.

Hunting for these bony dear crowns can be the perfect outing for family, friends, and any outdoors person who enjoys hiking hilly pastures or National Forests. When foraging for early green shoots, wheat, or pasture grass, the deer will drop one or both in an area.

Peanut, a Jack Russel has found a deer antler shed
Peanut, a Jack Russel, has found a deer antler shed

If you feel like a fun outing, hunt for sheds near ravines along the creeks or head onto the many wildlife management areas. Keep your eyes open; sheds often hide beneath the winter-bent tall grasses. The antlers can look like a branch or an ankle buster and may catch your boot.

February in the High Country also means snow, wind, or rain can suddenly appear. Appropriate clothing, hiking shoes, drinking water, and snacks on hand can make for a great outing. No matter the finds, getting outdoors and enjoying nature is a good enough reason for hunting sheds.

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