Ash Creek Ranch

By Nancy Fisher

Though it doesn’t always look like it, spring has come to northwestern Nebraska.  Snow is in the forecast, but the Merriam’s turkeys are beginning to display, and the plums will soon be blossoming.

meadowlark in the rain

Goldfinches are shedding their drab winter attire and donning their bright yellow summer feathers.  

purple pasque flower blooming

When hunting or exploring this beautiful country, keep an eye out for pasqueflower, among the earliest to bloom, and listen for the Sandhill cranes migrating north to their nesting grounds.

This area of the state is considered to be prime Merriam’s turkey habitat.  Anyone looking to complete their Grand Slam should consider hunting in western Nebraska.  There is plenty of public land to hunt as well as numerous private farms and ranches available to hunt with permission. 

Learn more about Ash Creek Ranch and all it offers.

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