Oglala National Grassland

Northwest Nebraska High Country

Northwest Nebraska High Country is an organization of more than twenty-five ranchers and farmers who provide unique opportunities for tourists in get-away-from-it-all settings. Visitors can enjoy bed and breakfasts, guest ranch vacations, trail rides, fossil hunting, hiking, railroad photography, bird watching, star gazing, fishing, farmers’ markets, Lakota arts and crafts, great western food, sheep wagon hideouts, horse activities and much more.


We can help you design a vacation to include day trips to local historical sites, fossil hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, horseback riding,  trainspotting, retreats and more.


Western Nebraska’s morning and evening light lends itself beautiflully to spectacular photographic opportunities.  This land features some of the most diverse topography and wildlife in the state as well as historical homesteads, and many hidden photo-op treasures.


Members offer guided and semi-guided hunting opportunites.   The area is know for its upland game birds, Merriam’s turkey, whitetail and mule deer, elk and antelope (American Pronghorn.)


Members strive to conserve their natural surroundings managing a balance between wildlife, forestry, agriculture and tourism.


It is our goal to introduce visitors to new experiences and take home memories that will last a lifetime. From stargazing to scenic drives to legends, myths and awe inspiring moments inf time; all this waits our visitiors.



The Nebraska High Country is an outdoor museum, filled with natural history as well as historical events that influenced and shaped our country.


Custom design a vacation to include day trips to the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Sturgis, Deadwood and historic Fort Robinson.

Ride the Pine Ridge, bike our forest trails, hike our buttes, or just relax in a picnic area or near a creek and listen to the meadowlarks and bluebirds chirping in the open.

The opportunities are endless.